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Vietnamese Yellow Curry with Rice

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Size: 400gm

A Vietnamese yellow curry with snakebeans, sweet potato, eggplant and lemongrass, served with rice.

Size: 400gm.


Keep refrigerated (1-4C)
Once open, consume within 3 days


Pour into saucepan and heat gently, stirring frequently until heated through


Heat on high in the microwave for 2.5-3 min or until heated through. (Lidding film will balloon, this is normal). Let the meal stand for 1 min, allowing the balloon to subside. Carefully remove lidding film, allowing any steam to safely escape. Fluff rice and enjoy! 

Jasmine Rice (33%), coconut milk, coconut cream, sweet potato (9.5%), potato, eggplant (8.8%), snakebean (5.9%), lemongrass (1.4%), galangal, coriander, onion, tamarind, garlic, spices, canola oil, extra virgin olive oil, Himalayan Pink salt, extra virgin olive oil, palm sugar.