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Cleansing Salad

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Size: 230gm

Raw veggies, rocket, goji berries and a miso dressing

Size: 235gm.


Keep refrigerated (1-4 degrees C).

Once open, consume immediately

Miso dressing (19.1%) (canola oil, rice wine vinegar (alcohol, rice, salt), white miso paste (soybeans, rice, salt, alcohol), tahini paste, sesame oil, extra virgin olive oil,  ginger, garlic, Himalayan pink salt), Broccoli (15.6%), cauliflower (15.6%), apples (9.5%), beetroot (9%), sunflower seeds and gojiberry mix (8.5%), red cabbage (7.8%), carrot (7.8%), rocket (4.9%), parsley (2.1%).

Contains Soy, Sesame